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    It's no secret that pictures are what brings a destination alive, giving it depth, character, emotion. Every editor knows that acres of perfectly chiselled prose can rarely stand up to that visual snap of frozen time.

    I've always been seduced by the instant and ephemeral side of photography, partly because I always seem to be on the run. From the mid-1980s onwards I amassed thousands of 35mm slides covering people and landscapes from Madagascar to Kashmir, Mali to Guatemala, Corsica to the Brazilian Amazon. Many have been published through three different picture libraries or were supplied directly by me. I so miss that moment of getting boxes of slides back from processing and sitting down to look at them on the light-box. It was another journey, one of reliving the first.

    With the digital age all that has changed. No surprises – you know exactly what’s in your camera. I confess to having been slow on the uptake. My first experiments were with the basic but excellent Sony Cybershot P200 which they've sadly stopped manufacturing. Many of the snapshots here were taken with it in 2006-2007 - until that damned speck of dust appeared on the sensor. Next came a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2: more versatility and megapixels, and a sharp Leica lens.
    Since then I've graduated through the fabulous LX3 to a LX7. You can tell I like the brand and the camera, great for hard travelling and restaurants.

    Eventually, faithful to Nikon SLRs (the trusty FM5 never failed me) I got a Nikon D60 with a brilliant Nikkor 18-105mm lens. This covers everything I need while being relatively easy to stuff in a bag. Once on the road, always on the road.

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