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Viva la Revolucion! (UK edition) and Mexican Modern (US edition) explore Mexico's gastronomic revolution with its new respect for pre-Hispanic cooking techniques and ingredients. Chefs and cooks from Michoacan to Mexico City, Puebla to Veracruz and Oaxaca to the Yucatan, explain their inspiring approaches and reveal their favourite recipes. Fiona Dunlop paints a colourful gastronomic history that includes Mexico's street-food, all backed up by photos that whisk you away. Mouthwatering, evocative, different - this is for Mexico-lovers.

"An impressive and highly useful book that could only be improved if it came with a plane ticket to Mexico "
Time Out, London

"A captivating book"
Dan Lepard, Guardian

"Fiona Dunlop's latest travel/ cookbook... will put a smile on any food lover's face"
House & Garden

"...accomplished food and travel writer Fiona Dunlop, deserves high praise for recognizing the chef talent and core food sensibilities of Mexican cuisine"
Foreword Magazine

" Travelling extensively across Mexico, she translates into recipes what she sees as the country's "baroque imagination and deep soul". and its tradition of fiery creativity...The book leaves you longing for the kick of chili in a plate of frijoles rancheros and the hot feeling of the desert sun on your face."
Clover Stroud, Sunday Telegraph

Now in Paperback


Medina Kitchen (UK edition) and The North African Kitchen (US edition) show how the best North African food is rooted in the home rather than in restaurants. Dishes are cooked as a labour of love to share with family and friends. Fiona Dunlop has tracked down eight cooks producing stunning food in Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. Classics (luscious tagines, delicate, highly flavoured vegetarian salads, seafood dishes and perfumed desserts) stand beside lighter dishes, all straightforward to prepare. The story of each cook comes with delightful photos by Simon Wheeler and extends to traditional markets in the medina (old town) where they shop. Altogether a seductive journey through the Maghreb.

"Work up an appetite with Medina Kitchen, an inspiring guide to traditional North African cuisine."
Marie Claire, UK

"Delightful and beautifully illustrated book about home cooking."
The Good Book Guide

"From the walled quarters of Marrakech and Fez to the cooks of Tripoli, Tunis and Carthage... Dunlop does a good job of bringing both the people and their recipes to life."
Charles Campion, Independent

"Medina Kitchen contains recipes from eight of the best home cooks in Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. In Fez, for example, Khadouj Sentwi cooks the way her mother taught her, making traditional dishes such as lemon chicken with coriander and olives, chickpea soup and cream pastilla with orange-blossom water."
Carolyn Hart, Telegraph magazine



(German Edition)

  East meets West as homeowners seek to create relaxed, harmonious retreats. In the Asian Style takes the best examples of contemporary design from all over Asia to show how it can be applied and adapted absolutely anywhere. Full-colour photography captures the different facets of this sensual, yet often minimalist approach to living which bridges the cultures of India, China and Japan. Fiona Dunlop's authoritative, readable text looks at the history of Oriental decorative styles and materials, examining the structure and function of specific spaces. In the Asian Style is an inspirational reference for anyone interested in design and evocative style.

"If you don't get an idea to lift from here for your home, it would be surprising."
Evening Standard

"...threads oriental influences with practical designs for creating a
Zen-like home with good feng shui..."
Sunday Telegraph
    One of a popular series of guidebooks for the modern-day traveler presenting up-to-date backgrounds and descriptions, detailed maps, hundreds of photographs, and much more, including walking and driving tours, visitor information directories, and detailed sidebars. Spain’s rich and fascinating culture is covered in depth, taking the reader on an inspiring journey from the lush hills of Galicia and the Basque country through Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada to the white villages of Andalucia. Food, history, design, wildlife, beaches - it's all there.

Spain's greatest culinary tradition, tapas, is explored in this critically acclaimed book presenting a new generation of chefs, from Barcelona to Seville via Madrid. Like the old tapas favourites, these new dishes display intense flavours and textures and also dramatic presentation. Most are earthy, fresh, indisputably hispanic and easy to make. Over 80,000 copies of this book have been sold worldwide, translated into four languages.

"a gustatory bar crawl round Spain: tapas as a vibrant part of Spanish life"
Sunday Times

"the cutting edge of Spanish cool - an engaging and contemporary snapshot of Spanish food"
Glasgow Herald

"a very good book and a fascinating guide to some genuinely innovative cooking... New Tapas shows how they're really done, by chefs who keep the tradition lively with intelligent experimentation. The cooking comes from all over Spain and as long as you're experienced enough to fill in the blanks, you'll find a lot of stimulation here. Top stuff."

"Fiona Dunlop charts the rise and rise of Spain's nueva cocina (new cooking), focusing on tapas, that most Spanish way of eating...In each regional chapter, she introduces some of the most stellar tapas chefs, including several recipes from each. The result is like a gastronomic travel book with a bit of history thrown in... a slick, informed (and informative) writing style."
Time Out, London

"The recipes are short, straightforward and easy for home cooks and I can't see this book leaving my kitchen all year."
Bristol Evening Post

Tapas: Mejores Tapas De Los Chefs Españoles
(Spanish Edition)

(German Edition)

The chic series are the definitive guides to the world's most luxurious and alluring hotels chosen for their individuality and appeal. Join discerning travellers who have found everything they desire in Spain Chic: hot properties, enticing, hard-hitting information about each region by Fiona Dunlop, stunning photography and brilliant tips on where to go.


Praise for Fodor''s Exploring Guides "Authoritatively written and superbly presented...Worthy reading before, during, or after a trip." - Philadelphia Inquirer "Absolutely gorgeous. Fun, colorful, and sophisticated." - Chicago Tribune. Fodor's Exploring Guides are the most up-to-date, full-color guidebooks available. Covering destinations around the world, these guides are loaded with photos, essays on culture and history, descriptions of sights, and practical information.


Covering destinations around the world, these guides are loaded with photos; essays on culture and history, architecture and art; itineraries, walks and excursions; descriptions of sights; and practical information. Fodor's Exploring India gives you great tips on dining and lodging for all budgets as well as tips on basics such as getting there and getting around and when to go and what to pack

  A guide to Vietnam, a country on the cusp of change with a patchwork of paddyfield and natural waterways, fabulous temples and incense-filled pagodas contrasting with the intensity of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Star ratings for top sights and off-beat destinations, walks and excursions, the essential travel facts and coverage of the people, history and traditions. In A-Z format, it provides recommendations for hotels and restaurants and town plans and maps.
  Portugal is a captivating land of diversity packed into an area smaller than the state of Indiana. National Geographic Traveler Portugal opens with a detailed introduction to the country's history, food, land, and culture. From the hidden alleys and grand palaces of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, through remote mountains and lush valleys to the beautiful gardens of Madeira, readers will discover the secrets of the country's seven regions. Detailed sidebars focus on topics from Portugal's famous wines to the soulful music of Fado.